CBD Pain Cream

Tired muscles and aching joints do not stand a chance against this CBD enhanced Private Label Pain Cream.

Your choice of additives such as essential oils, terpenes, CBD type & strength are all customized per your order... Plus, our industry leading Design Team is here to create your custom product labels which we proof and print in-house.

Once approved, our quality assurance Production Team preps, tests and produces your brand's CBD Pain Cream.


In-Stock Product Details-

  • Made with 75% Organic Ingredients
  • Our fast acting and deeply penetrating base formula consisting of pain soothing oils and skin loving essentials. 
  • Aids in the relief of sore muscles and aching joints with heating and cooling effects from essentially blended oils. 
  • MSM rich formula which is described as "Nature's Beauty Mineral", fully nourishes skin leaving it soft and silky.

Custom Blend Options-

  • Choose your CBD type:
    • Broad Spectrum Distillate 
    • 99%+ CBD Isolate
    • Suggested 100 mg - 250 mg per oz

  • Choose to add ADDITIVES:
    • Isolated or Blended Terpenes Available
    • Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  • Choose your PACKAGING:
    • Glass Jar - Straight Sided
      • 1 oz: Clear
      • 2 oz: Clear
      • 4 oz: Clear
      • Caps: Smooth White or Black with liners
    • Plastic Jar - Double Wall Dome
      • 1 oz: White or Black
      • 2 oz: White or Black
      • 4 oz: White or Black
      • Caps: Smooth - color matching
    • Cosmo Bottle
      • 2 oz: Clear, Amber, Smoke, or Matte White
      • 4 oz: Clear, Amber, Smoke, or Matte White
      • 8 oz: Clear, Amber, Smoke, or Matte White
      • 16 oz: Clear, Amber, Smoke, or Matte White
      • Caps: Disc - White or Black (for 2 oz & 4 oz)
      • Caps: Pump - White or Black (for 8 oz & 16 oz)
    • Plastic Airless Pump
      • 2 oz: Matte White
      • 3 oz: Matte White *shown
      • Cap: Color matched solid White

Apply liberally to tight muscles. Avoid eyes and mucus membranes. Wash your hands after application.

Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult a physician before use. Keep out of reach from children - FOR ADULT USE ONLY. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.